Strategic Design Solutions

Strategic Design Solutions

Strategic Design SolutionsStrategic Design SolutionsStrategic Design Solutions

About Us

Package Design Solutions


The passion, creativity and experience behind Heilmann Design will bring your packaging and marketing ideas to life.                                    

Our objective is to provide you with options and solutions at the inception of your brands development.  Branding is probably the most meaningful part of the design process, as you are building a “Personality”. 

Through research, we determine the basic essentials “Logic, Purpose, Goal and Target.” By building a foundation with our clients through close communication and understanding, we find solutions. Clarity helps us to identify and solidify your branding criteria and marketing needs.  

Our goal is to achieve and execute designs that are memorable, adaptable and consistent. Whether you are building your brand from the bottom up, need line extensions or modification to your existing brand, our goals are one in the same.

Brand Development


In today's branding market it is essential to be clear about your visual message and overall marketing objective.

The better you can define the " Who, What, Where and Why", the more prominent your brand will be. 

With our experience, we help you conquer some of the marketing challenges while building your brand strategy.

Logos and Marketing Materials


Your corporate logo puts you at the helm of all the products and services your company offers. With that comes trust, integrity, honesty and respect. What you communicate is a reflection of you and the brands and or services you represent. 

We can help you define your brand by identifying your market relevance, uniqueness and value.